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【 暫存1 】

Album songs:
1.Act A Fool



4.Obie Trice skit

5.We Live This Shit

6.Keep Talkin (Bonus Track)

7.Dude (Skit)

8.Down Low


10.D-12 World

11.Get Back

12.Get The Dick

13.How People Get Fucked Up

14.I Remember


16.My Words Are Weapons

17.No One's Iller Than Me

18.No Rubber

19.Purple Hills


21.Rap Guys


23.Shit On You

24.Trife Thieves

25.Under The Influence

26.W.e.g.o. (interlude)

27.What What

28.Another Public Service Announcement

29.40 Oz.

30.Suck It


32.Rap Game (50 Cent)

33.Rap Game

34.Words Are Weapons

35.One Night Stand

36.Changed Man

37.B N U

38.D12 Purple Pills

39.Loyalty (Featuring Obie Trice)

40.American Psycho II (Featuring B-Real)

41.Girls (hidden bonus track)

42.Shit on You (Clean Version)

43.U R the One

44.Pour Your 40 Out

45.American Pyscho

46.Blow My Buz

47.Nasty Mind

48.Steve Berman

49.Pass Dat Bong

50.Purple Hills (Purple Pills Radio/Video Edit)

51.These Drugs

52.Purple Pills (Video Edit)

53.My Fault (pizza Mix)

54.Till Hell Freezes Over


56.Obie Trice (Skit)


58.Pimp Like Me'(feat. Dina Rae

59.Obie Trice'(feat. Obie Trice

60.Rap Game'(feat. 50 Cent

61.What What'(feat. Da Brigade

62.Another Public Service Annocement

63.Bad Influence



66.My Ballz

67.Good Die Young

68.Fuck Ajaye

69.I Say Yeah

70.I'll Be Damned

71.D12-Purple Pills(Unedited Real Studio Version!!!)

72.When The Music Stops


74.It Ain't Nothin' But Music

75.Just Like You

76.Shit on You (A Cappella)

77.Just Like U

78.D12 World


80.Pimp Like Me (Featuring Dina Rae)


82.Words Are Weapons - Non-Lp Version

83.Rap Game - Soundtrack Version (Edit)

84.Rap Game - Soundtrack Version

85.I Made It (feat. Trick Trick)

86.How Come - Extended verses (explicit)

87.Git Up - Album Version (Edited)

88.Keep Talkin' - Album Version (Edited)

89.Good Die Young - Album Version (Edited)

90.Bugz 97 (Skit) - Album Version (Edited)

91.40 Oz. - Album Version (Edited)

92.D-12 World - Album Version (Edited)

93.Steve's Coffee House (Skit) - Album Version (Edited)

94.Bitch - Album Version (Edited)

95.Bizarre (Skit) - Album Version (Edited)

96.Get My Gun - Album Version (Edited)

97.Leave Dat Boy Alone - Album Version (Edited)

98.How Come - Album Version (Edited)

99.6 In The Morning - Album Version (Edited)