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Marc Almond( Peter Mark Sinclair 'Marc' Almond )

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【 Trials Of Eyeliner – The Anthology 1979-2016 】【 2016 】

Album songs:
1.Yesterday Has Gone

2.Demented, Deluded, Delirious (Mekon Remix) (Provided)

3.Out of My Soul (Remix Edit)

4.Passion and Pain (Provided)

5.The Guilt of My Secret (Provided)

6.Three Monkey Tango (Provided)

7.Vanity, Poverty, Revenge (Provided)

8.Fur (Provided)

9.Dead Eyed Child (Remix) (Provided)

10.Black Satin (Remix) (Provided)

11.Sequins and Stars (From Mojo) (Provided)

12.Last Night I Paid to Close My Eyes (Provided)

13.Beautiful Losers

14.Tale of a Tart (Hell) (Provided)

15.Urban Velvet (1997 Demo) (Provided)

16.The Beautiful Light of Madness (Demo) (Provided)

17.Theatre of Dreams (Provided)

18.Amnesia Nights (Demo) (Provided)

19.Dark Age of Love (Demo) (Provided)

20.Black Kiss

21.Tragedy (Take a Look and See)

22.Please Stay (Provided)

23.Glorious (Radio Edit) (Provided)

24.Gone But Not Forgotten

25.Total Eclipse (Radio Version) (Provided)

26.Monoculture (Provided)

27.The Night (Provided)

28.Smoke and Mirrors (Provided)

29.Soul On Soul (Radio Edit) (Provided)

30.Prime Evil (Boris Dlugosch Mix Edit) (Provided)

31.Baby's On Fire

32.Perfect Honey (Temptation) (Provided)

33.Indigo Blue

34.Skin (Provided)

35.Suburban Opera (1997 Demo) (Provided)

36.Life's a Lonely Drag (But I'm Alive) (Demo) (Provided)

37.I Am No One (Demo) (Provided)

38.Criminal Lover (Provided)

39.The Crimson Diva (Provided)

40.Rhythm and Blues (Provided)

41.Suicide Saloon (Provided)

42.For Only You (Provided)

43.Brewer Street Blues (Provided)

44.Miss Urania (Provided)

45.The Perfumed Garden of Gulliver Smith (Afghan Candles Version) (Provided)

46.Eyes (Demo) (Provided)

47.Be Still (Demo) (Provided)

48.Late Night

49.Hurt Me (Edit) (Provided)

50.When I Was a Young Man (Live) (Provided)

51.Teenage Dream (Live) (Provided)

52.Kiss the Ghost Goodbye (Provided)

53.Dark Is My World (Without Love) (Provided)

54.Bluegate Fields (Demo) (Provided)

55.Someone Like Me (Demo) (Provided)

56.I'm Your Karma (Demo) (Provided)

57.Kill Me or Make Me Beautiful (Provided)

58.When Bad People Kiss

59.The Tango Song (Provided)

60.The Sun Will Arise (Provided)

61.Tenderness (Provided)

62.River of Sorrow (Provided)

63.Angel Eyes (Provided)

64.Keep Back Your Tears (Live) (Provided)

65.The Falconer (Provided)

66.Eros and Eye (Provided)

67.Snake Charmer (Provided)

68.Cry (Provided)

69.I Created Me (Provided)

70.The Girl with the Patent Leather Face (Provided)

71.Lost Paradise

72.Vision (Live at the Royal Albert Hall 1992) (Provided)

73.Night and No Morning

74.Deadly Serenade

75.The Edge of Heartbreak

76.Come in Sweet Assassin

77.Lonely Go Go Dancer (Open All Night European Version) (Provided)

78.Midnight Soul

79.My Love (Dave Ball Remix)

80.Threat of Love (Neal X Remix) (Provided)

81.One Big Soul

82.Darker Times (Provided)

83.God Shaped Hole (Provided)

84.Under Your Wing

85.Sleeping Beauty

86.The Devil (Okay)

87.Body Unknown

88.Always (Edit) (Provided)

89.Fun City (2016 Edit) (Provided)

90.Sleaze (Readers Wifes Club Edit) (Provided)

91.Sex Dwarf (Provided)


93.Insecure Me (2002 Edit) (Provided)

94.Loving You Hating Me (2016 Edit) (Provided)

95.Heat (2016 Edit) (Provided)

96.Meet Murder My Angel (2016 Edit) (Provided)

97.Surrender to a Stranger (Provided)

98.Big Louise (Provided)

99.A Million Manias (Provided)

100.Love Amongst the Ruined

101.Joey Demento

102.Gutter Hearts

103.Crime Sublime

104.The Storks


106.The Boy Who Came Back (7 Version)

107.You Have

108.Tenderness Is a Weakness (Edit) (Provided)

109.I Feel Love

110.The House Is Haunted By the Echo of Your Last Goodbye

111.Ruby Red (Edit)

112.Melancholy Rose (Edit)

113.A Woman's Story

114.Something's Gotten Hold of My Heart

115.What Makes a Man (Live)

116.The Days of Pearly Spencer

117.The Idol (Pt. 1) (Provided)

118.Adored and Explored (7 Edit) (Provided)

119.Out There (Edit)

120.Brilliant Creatures

121.Down in the Subway

122.Soul Inside

123.Numbers (2002 Edit Version) (Provided)

124.Pearly Night (Provided)

125.Friendship (Provided)

126.The Man Condemned to Death

127.Feasting with Panthers

128.Trials of Eyeliner

129.Farewell (Provided)

130.Ratcliffe Highway

131.The Green Fairy (Provided)

132.Memorabilia (Single Version) (Provided)

133.Tainted Love


135.Say Hello, Wave Goodbye (7 Single Version) (Provided)

136.Torch (7 Single Version) (Provided)

137.What (Provided)

138.Where the Heart Is (2016 Edit) (Provided)

139.Child Star