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LL COOL J( James Todd Smith )

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【 暫存 】

Album songs:
1.Farmers (Featuring Tikki Diamondz)

2.Queens Is (Featuring Prodigy)

3.#1 Fan

4.Move Somethin'

5.You And Me (Ft. Kelly Price)

6.This Is Us (Featuring Carl Thomas)

7.Clocking G's

8.Niggy Nutz

9.Doin' It (iTunes Originals Version)

10.Best Dress

11.Preserve The Sexy

12.M.I.S.S. I (Featuring Case) (Bonus Track)

13.Starsky and Hutch

14.Starsky And Hutch (Featuring Busta Rhymes)

15.Wanna Get Paid (Featuring The Lost Boyz)

16.We're Gonna Make It

17.LL Cool J (Featuring Kandice Love)

18.4,3,2,1 (featuring Redman, Method Man, Cannibus & DMX)

19.Hey Lover (feat. Boyz II Men)

20.So Sick (Remix)

21.Deepest Bluest

22.Hush (iTunes Originals Version)

23.The 5 Boroughs Are Back

24.Take It


26.Big Mama (Unconditional Love) Featuring Dru Hill

27.Jingling Baby (Remixed But Shill Jingling)

28.My Love

29.Love You Better

30.Don't Be Too Late, Don't Come Too Soon

31.I'm About To Get Her

32.No More (feat. Ne-Yo)

33.Doin' It - Album Edit

34.Mama Said Knock You Out - Album Version (Edited)

35.It's Time For War - Album Version (Edited)

36.You Better Watch Me - Album Version (Edited)

37.Rocking With The G.O.A.T. - Album Version (Edited)

38.We Rollin' - Album Version (Edited)

39.Dear Hip Hop - Album Version (Edited)

40.You And Me - Album Version/Radio Edit

41.Loungin - Album Radio Edit

42.NCIS: No Crew Is Superior

43.Luv U Better (Radio Edit)

44.Around the Way Girl (Marley Rub)

45.To Da Break of Dawn (Remix)

46.Eat Em Up L Chill (Chill Remix)

47.New York, New York (Bonus Track)

48.iTunes Originals (Interview)

49.Know Your Name

50.Sneak Preview From LL Cool J's New Album G.O.A.T.

51.Hot Hot Hot (radio edit)

52.Shut 'em Down (radio mix)

53.You and Me (feat. Kelly Price) (album version radio edit)

54.Loungin' (Who Do Ya Luv)

55.Jingling Baby (Live)

56.Loungin (LP version)

57.We're Gonna Make It (instrumental)

58.How I'm Comin' (radio edit)

59.1‒900 LL Cool J

60.Headsprung (iTunes Originals Version)

61.Jingling Baby (Extended Version)


63.Father (LP version)

64.I Can't Live Without My Radio (Special version)

65.Around the Way Girl (Untouchables remix)

66.Loungin' (Who Do Ya Love)

67.Goin' Back to Cali

68.Control Myself (Nevins Electrotek edit)

69.Hey Lover (Radio Edit)