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【 Republic? 】【 2005-11-07 】

Album songs:
1.The Rook

2.Spy vs Spy


4.Standing at the Edge of the World

5.Revenge of the Viper Three

6.A Phone Booth in the Middle of Nowhere

7.The Man Who Never Was

8.Stingray Part III

9.Moments of Silence (Provided)

10.Imitation of Christ

11.Last Chance _ Gremlin X

Album Intro:

Somewhere out on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, just below the Arctic Circle, lies Newfoundland. It is here, a thousand miles away from the trendy salons and boutiques of New York or London, that Sheavy come from and here the riff is all. With the eventual funeral of Stoner Rock now almost long since forgetten, a few bands from that period have maintained the support, or indeed motivation, to overcome the mourning of it's fated passing. Republic features 11total tracks. Rise Above. 2005.