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【 Rise 】【 2007-09-25 】

Album songs:
1.Enchanted Life

2.Breathe You In

3.Angel Love

4.Come Through

5.Living Without You

6.I Found You

7.Deep Surprise

8.Send It Out To The Universe


10.Right Now

Album Intro:

Samantha James follows up her smash hit single that's been blowing up dance floors and mix tapes for some time now with her aptly named debut effort Rise. And rise she does, with a laid-back release that's surprising in its sophistication, depth, and soul. Samantha smartly teams up with veteran producer Sebastian Arocha Morton, who boasts production for heavy hitters such as Sting, Fila Brazilia, and Fischerspooner. Stand-out tracks include the funky and deep 'Living Without You,' the washed-out soul on 'Deep Surprise,' and the lush grooves of 'Rain.' Like label-mate Collette, Samantha shows us that she's as talented as she is beautiful, and this release is a breath of fresh bay breeze air that strikes the perfect balance between electronic and organic. --Anish Acharya

1. Rise
2. Enchanted Life
3. Breathe You In
4. Angel Love
5. Come Through
6. Living Without You
7. I Found You (feat. Celso Fonseca)
8. Deep Sunrise
9. Sent It Out To The Universe
10. Rain
11. Right Now