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Tego Calderon

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【 El Abayarde Contraataca 】【 2007-08-28 】

Album songs:

2.Tradicional A Lo Bravo

3.Ni Fu Ni Fa

4.Cual Es El Plan Y Eso

5.Los Mios

6.Tu Pa Mi (Provided)

7.Lo Hecho Hecho Esta

8.TTT Tego

9.El Que No Lucha No Avanza

10.Quiereme Como Soy (Provided)

11.No Era Por Ahi

12.Por Mi Madre

13.Quitarte To'

Album Intro:

One year to date of his last album, Tego Calderon is back with a new album, El Abayarde Contra-Ataca. Tego is without a doubt the most important Latin urban music artist. The new album is explosive filled with a fusion of rhythms that will make everyone dance. In this new album, Tego has captured the essence of what made him a superstar in his album debut, El Abayarde. His music blends hip hop with the poetic Caribbean rhythms transmitted by the early sounds of salsa music.