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Lil Castles


Lil Castles


feat. J!nx

作詞:Lil Castle, J!nx
作曲:Leshawn Harris

Said I'm hot and she cold
Pull up in that drop and she froze
Lil baby she froze, froze
Lil baby she froze
Murda murda she's wrote
Ima take her soul
All of my killas lock load
All of my killas tote poles
All of yo people they fold
All of yo people they told
I just been on the road
I just been on the road
Missin my mama my patnas and man we use to swerve in them Honda's and spray with that lama that eagle for drama
Now we just count up these commas
Count up these digits cant count on these
Steady swervin, and she hurtin
Picture burning, and she froze

I'm spining from your touch
You got me seeing shades kid
Get in the space tug
Don't ever be late again
What's life without love, we living on the edges
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Girl you pop a silver pill I'm seeing gold
Roll a M and smoke a cig in your vertigo

Numb from the pain is it novacane
That power soft get lost in the cellophane
Who you tellin' mang
Let it hang, let it bang
Thirty on the choker chain swervin' in the Rover looking for Lois Lane in the lower lane
Life a poker game, gone insane, gone super sane

Love everything is a okay
Still got illmatic bumpin on replay
Known her way way back when I use to pray
Nowadays really hope that she doing okay
9 to 5 job and she work everyday
She call me now and then but it seem cliche
Could of had it all but you chose to stay
Now you wanna talk but what's to say
I can feel that she really feel betrayed
But I make money I don't make mistakes
I told god give me a couple extra days
So I can make it all back in a different way
Cash clay cookies in the ashtray
Use to pack weight making it the fast way
She kept it G tho never did ask me
And promise to never get pass me