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4ever Falling


4ever Falling

Save My Love

I've lost myself to anxiety
'Cause I can't find my way out of this hole
I can't believe what you've done to me
You don't wanna see the dark inside my soul

I'm always dying so quietly
I know that it's too much for you to handle
My blade takes away my anxiety
I know you think that this is sad, but it's just a sample

You really fucked me up, I really wish you knew how much
You're the reason why my blade has always been crutch
You're the reason why I hate myself a bit too much
You're the reason why I can't even fkn trust

I know you see me slowly falling apart
There are so many fkn wounds in my heart
I don't ever stop bleeding I need stitches
But the only way to heal me is if you could fix it

Save my love 'cause I know you're gonna miss it
Say goodbye to my respect and all my kisses
I'm so unstable always on the verge of crying
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I can't deal with my emotions so I'm hiding

Damn I loved you so much and I admired you
Until I realized what you've put me through
I can't believe those stupid words you used to say
Nowadays I think about em everyday

I'm a wreck can't go a day without crying
I'll always be this broken so I started lying
I'll never recover even tho I'm fucking trying
No matter what I do I'll just end up dying

I don't understand how you can fkn live with yourself
I ain't done shit like you and I can't even live with myself
I know you lay awake with anxiety every night
I hope you're thinking about that you've ruined both of our lives

I'm filled with emotions that I've bottled up
I write songs about the things I cannot speak of
There's no point in tryna help me I'm about to give up
You should blame yourself 'cause I never felt loved