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Old Night


Old Night

Mother of All Sorrows

You make me think of a killer rhyme
So sad how these encounters run on borrowed time
You completely disarm me and leave me with no alibi
Heart pounding, palms sweating, you leave me to die

Dear Mary mother of all sorrows,
Tell me what secrets harbours her heart?
Now that this sickness claws from within
Who will be left standing and who will fall apart?

You make me dream of a different life
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Of mistakes undone and truths that don't cut like a knife
But love is a sickness that fathers all the pain
Can't help myself but wonder… was this all in vain?

You say you are not walking away but your back is turned
Only a lesson lived is a lesson learned

Dear Mary mother of all the broken hearts
At the end who will be left there to pick up the broken parts?