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The Dream of Joseph

I was born of the house of David,
like my fathers before me.
God-fearing men in an unbroken line;
a race of royalty.
But in this world I wear no crown,
I have no riches, no royal renown.
All that I have, from heaven God sent down.

A spotless Virgin was betrothed to me,
her name was Mary. (Ave Maria…)
With my own hands I would build us a home
for our Holy Family.
But then came the news that was not in my plans
How can this be when she knows not a man?
O God, give me strength to do what Love demands.
I have to leave her without placing blame,
to swallow my pride and spare her the shame.
afraid to know the Truth which has a Face and a Name.
O God, let me sleep!
I'm falling down a dream
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and I don't know which way that I should turn…
O Hark! The Herald Angel sings…
Be not afraid, of this Child to be born!
Gift of the Giver of Life!
The just and righteous man gives his life to love
the Child of his Wife.
The angel spoke to me in words so pure and true:
O man, be not afraid!
To be a father is to be like unto God,
Who loves the things He has made.
From highest heaven to lowest earth,
God has come down to dwell.
His Real Presence is the gift the Father gives –
He is Emmanuel.
So if you hear the news of fruit inside her womb,
Know this child's a gift to you of beauty and not doom
Every precious life we fathers must defend
To win the crown of life waiting at the end.