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Colin Leonard


Devil's runnin' free in this empty life
Making good things bad, and hard to find
Like music to your ears it'll sound so sweet
'Til that serpent bites your naked feet

I've seen evil thrive and good survive
In this crooked, twisted thing called life
When perfection's expected with iron will
Saints fall faster and harder still

Grace is a place I fear to go
I've gone too far for love to show
We can reach down deep, we can surely try
But I'm afraid the well's run dry

Of all my friends made on this earth
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Well time's not one now that's for sure
Whether high or low, in love or hate
Time keeps ticking like a damning gate

I've got foes in heaven, friends in hell
How I've made them only time will tell
When I reach my end I can only pray
I'll join my foes by glory's way

Peace is a river that never ends
Let's dive, my love, and soak it in
Set our gaze to the promised land
We'll go just take my hand
Set our gaze to the promised land