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She Loves Me - 1994 London Cast


She Loves Me - 1994 London Cast

No More Candy

This little music box has been a lifesaver
for many many women
wo have a slight tendancy to overweight
and don't we all?

We sit at home reading a good book
or listening to a symphony
And without realizing it
our hand slips into the candy jar

We become indiscreet
Eating sweet after sweet
Though we know all too well
Where that may lead

So this box was designed
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With the two of us in mind
As the kind of reminder we need
When you raise the lid
The music plays
Like a disaproving mom
And it sings in you ear
'No more candy, my dear'
In a way it's a little like the voice of God

Customer: I'll take it

Store Clerks: Thank you Madame
Please come again Madame