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Disguise trenched in a lie, Hardened against, it dies.
Cloked by a deceitful power, recieved at the witching hour,
Grant you your prized reward!
Cynic wins and Cynic does bite the hand, drain the blood.
Seek the rotten, be the judge, make it fit your hopeless grudge.
Cynic killed the laughing one, once believed now unsung.
Turned into a soul undone, hear the violence that's begun!
Haunting, side show, mocking. Clever to be daunting.
Distant to remain ellusive, sadistic and intrusive.
Inherit your final report.
Taught to play the game, now on display. Careful what you say, might give it away.
Is there any meaning at all, To the writing on the wall?
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Pathetic part you play, Come on!
No hope for the trodden that cant be found, Clairvoyance to get to the meaning now!
Mystic Im ready to play, Cynic whatever you say, Tripping on poison words, babbling on about the absurd,
Covering all your tracks today, fake smile on display, give you an inch you take a mile, divulging all your Cynic Lies!
Then pretend how you want it to end, Calling to end how you wanted to dwell in Silence!
Nightmare to see, coming to be, on you decieve, never believed.
Greedy, self serve, piching a nerve, gutless bone bag, time for Red Flag!
Get it how you want it to be, wont acknowledge a cast away.
Got no time for a gullible fake, Take it all and dwell in your dismay!