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It's Raining

And the way I, if
I'm often, because I made this film
I'm asked by people who are in terrible straits of unhappiness
Or they love someone who is in terrible unhappiness
They ask how to deal with it
If I could answer that, gosh, you know
How happy that would make me
But the closest I can come
Is to say that the mood is your own personal weather
And it's very like the weather
If you go outside and it's raining
It's not you that's made it rain
It has rained and it is real
You can't unthink the rain
You can't say, 'Ah, walk it off and then it'll be sunny,' You know?
The weather makes up it's own mind
And the two mistakes are to either to deny that it's raining when it clearly is—
It's raining! You know, let's face it—
And the other thing is to say,
'Therefore, my life is over
It's raining, and the sun will now never come out
That's it'
Because we all know, in terms of the weather
That it can be a damn nuisance when it's raining
But that the sun will come out
And it's the same if you're, you know, a manic depressive
You have a manic episode, you have a depressive
When you're depressed, and you think
You cannot conceive of such a thing as the future
Life is so blank you cannot imagine a tomorrow
Just, everything is just awful
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Your energy is slower, there's nothing possible in life
It's terrible, it's actually painful
It's bad. Really bad
It can be, for some people
it's so bad that they really have to end their lives in some way
They feel it, anyway
But the fact is, it will come out
And in the case of a bipolar person it won't just be normal, it will then go supernormal
It will become incredibly sunny
And rather than having no sense of the future
You plan for a hundred futures
You are so excited for the possibility
Of what you can do in this world
With your creative power, with your entrepeneurial ideas
Your grandiosity knows no bounds
It's an extrodinary feeling
Terrible for people around you
But you know, I asked everybody I spoke to
If there was a button
And they could press the button
And they would no longer be manic depressives
They would no longer have bipolar disorder
Would they press this button
And only about two said yes
Because that manic state is a thing to be treasured
I mean—
—And is that true for you?—