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First Light

What to place in the garden?
How can it be lost?
Move now it's your foot-sound on the pathway
(Let's get to work now)

Up and at 'em
The eve' of destruction we dug in the substratum
And sowed the seeds of our sweet sacrilege, madam
A worm's wisdom in this fine establishment
Basking in refracted light
Baffled by the fickle facts of life
From the jackals in our minds to the systematic strife
They're sleight of hand magicians who assist the sacrifice
Divide and conquer, find a spine to stick a jagged knife
Ask 'em nicely, Why the iron juggernaut's fist?
Why the struggle for control, the subtle plot-twist?
The wolves in the woods, the blood for profit
The same fluid that they used to water southern crops with
Gridlocked, chip off the old block
Tried to shed some light on controlled thought
And tripped off the soap box
Kicked rocks down a desolate road
While old scratch sold 'em dreams at the medicine show
Let's go

(I see the sun rise in the sky)
The soil is crusted over with rain
And with the memory of dawn
We have translated each other into light
(I shake the sleep out of my eyes)
Planets roll out of your eyes and splash down

Big trees, small axe
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They cracked then collapsed
We used every scrap to bridge gaps
Watch 'em twist facts, work their witchcraft
Brandish pitchforks
And shape your image out of candlestick wax
Watch 'em try to quantify his soul
And the state of mind that I'm in
The principles of light and dark at play inside a shaman
The words wrote themselves, I sat still and listened
To the source that expands and contracts in my field of vision
Soul search, where the wild flowers grow crows perch
And ghosts lurk below the cold earth, I know my own worth
When day breaks, we'll watch the world come alive
Odd things in God's dreams
Lost in the patterns on a moth's wings
My love resides on the other side
She pulled shadows out my chest and helped me to shake the sleep from my eyes
At sunrise we can finally see the light clear
Slept on a bed of nails, woke up from a nightmare

Arms pressed out against darkness
(I see the sun rise in the sky)
With the concrete flowers neither open nor closed
Wondering where the garden is
(I shake the sleep out of my eyes)
Blood, smeared across his face like a road accident

You feel great gushes of wind bellowing your lungs
Long have you been patient
Cradled among the innards of this being, who bears uncountable pain
So that you may breathe, the breath of life
Take up your crib, and walk