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Death of an Era


Death of an Era

Create, Sustain

You feel yourself clawing forward
In a never ending battle for progression
But there is no progression here
We are a race of maggots
Endless exaggeration of self-perfection

This is weight of the end
I show everything
This is finally finished
We have come to a point
Where there is no redemption

No chance to heal what you've created
We, as humanity, are at a loss
Look at these false interpretations
You have become a common beast
We are nothing like the ones we set out to be.

Cause we are nowhere near (No!)
Near a perfect society
No, we're not.

Everywhere you look,
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There is simply an agony beyond their words
You have spent your life,
Full of meager attempts,
To polish your vices,
And you no longer strive
To be gods among ants
There's no point in existing
If you're standing there dead.

My name is cognition
I am the realization that will save you
From the scourge of innocence
Save yourself from the deceit
Become something which can and will not be ignored

An attribute of resolution
For all of the world to know
You must create, you must sustain.

We are, we are nothing
Like we, we set out to be.