Plutonium Heaven 歌詞 Cytotoxin ※
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Plutonium Heaven

the natural vestibule
scorched by a fire blast
impressive, protective forest
burnt, carbonized in ash

the wind reclaims position; rummaging ground and land
lifting radioactive particles up; atomic component transport

by the tide its spread all over, in search for receiving
eurnace skyline
wind controlled territory, delivery port of disease
invisible missiles
unnoticed fired, the conquering begins
sky is filled with helicopters, scanning, to classify the grade of destruction

no emergency alert is exclaimed
silence and slow-downed isolation
be silent and take no serious notice
acid rain, the taste of lead
in the mouths of the civilian population
over ukraine, russia, moving into the west
the campaign of the gliding cancer strike force
dropping permanently lethal cargo down to earth

the threat is turning with the wind on the first of may
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contaminated kiev, population kept in town
left in silence, rest in peace
feel so sure, breathing air in gorgeous ease

duty of media
fulfilled insignificant
tiny article on page 3
dropped at the bottom line
step down from the throne
deigning to the evacuation
for the humans it's far too late
cultures ripped from their land
lives are bound to end
this is a war, no way to prevent
without guns, tanks and strategies
just an invisible enemy, almighty superior

radiation is raining down

the death comes from above, acid rain respasses all boundaries
biogenetic disposals, a wasteland in corroding ash
inhaling the acid, consume the virus and waste yourself
imploaded inward substance separated life forms remain