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Blue Mammoth


Blue Mammoth

Infinite Strangers

Strange kinds of life
One against the other
Always fighting for supremacy

Time to fall in love
To eat, to live for pleasure
Just a little rest in this life

Oh! War is the law
Oh, Lord! Leave me free
Hold on misery
Let love guide my heart

Now that I'm a man
I have to kill the beast
Hungering to survive and to live on

Don't try to forget
Not even regret
Cause this bloodstain still is in your hands too

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I know it's hard believing
How to find a meaning?
Will we return forever?
A chaos probability
Yes I'm glad to meet you
A breathing moment lost in time

Shadows of tomorrow
Shaping my reality
No remorse nor sorrow, just the will

Thought I'd made this choice
Like the God we trust
Everything is where it has always been

Infinite strangers
Drifters of dimensions
When will we meet again?