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Guadalcanal Diary


Guadalcanal Diary

Things Fall Apart

When you stray from the beaten path,
Confusion may be your epitaph
If you don't look before you cross
Something will show you who is boss

We are not alone in the world we've built for us
We are not at home in this world we've built for us
Things are going wrong in this world we've built for us

Stuff is falling down from the sky
Knocking out people left and right
Sparks are flying right off the wheel,
In this nightmare of tempered steel
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(Take cover) When things fall apart
(Take cover) When it's gone too far
(Duck and cover) Things are going wrong
(It's over) So long
Everywhere it seems something's watching me

If you decide to cross the boulevard
And eighteen wheels catches you off guard
Imagine as you're flying though the air
A peaceful happy ending there