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The New Varsity


The New Varsity

Head Rush

Maybe I was in over my head, baby I am used to it.
This is my uncertain point of view, but just don't get too close to it.
This is not another song I wrote for the broken heartdd.

Maybe I got in over my head, baby I'm just bad news.
This is an obsession come to pass, malignant and removed from
cavities were carved in you, the doctor said he had good news

Nicotine and copasetic hearts weren't the things to keep us grounded.
Staying up will keep us down for days, oh whats that word I'm looking for.
It's enigmantic in its nature, a rare distinctive form of you.
I've got this ready, so are you ready, cuz I am ready to explode.
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(I am ready to explode)

Maybe I got in over my head, but god it's not the first time.
The number I've been given won't be called...
Oh what was that? Um... nevermind.
I reach conclusions far too soon, I've met my match so how about you?
I'm occupied by little things that get stuck on my mind.

I know that I am in over my head, I know that I am in over my head.