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Skizzy Mars


Skizzy Mars

Girl on a Train

(Verse 1)
I met this pretty girl on the train
I fell in love before I even got her name
And I don't even know where she was going
But she broke my heart when her stop came
On the L with some headphones on
I wonder what you bumpin' in those in ears
I want to say whats up but I been scared
Vibes out of thin air, full car, blank stare
I wonder if you single or you got a man
I bet you like me got a lot of fans
I wonder if you smoke or you drink too
I wonder if you care what I think too
We don't know each other but its all good
I'm chasing love like we all should
Where that girl headed, Lord knows
Til that stop came and the doors closed

Girl on a train I know you're just a stranger
What is your name, Where are you going?
Girl on a train I don't know where I'll find you
You're still on my mind when I got home
And now I'm all alone
Now I'm all alone
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(Verse 2)
City is fucking heartless
Easy to get tarnished
Beauty in all the darkness
There's wealth in all the poverty
You're like I won the lottery
You'll never get tired of me
You remind of a lot of things
Martin and Gina, Iliad and Odyssey
Girl I want to make you proud of me
I know I act stupid but you know I'm talented
The chaos the mayhem
Hey girl smile the suns out
The city got crazy
And that's why it's fun now
Just feel what I feel
And stop where I stop
You know what this is girl you got what I got
The feelings so real it don't happen a lot no