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Michal Karpac


Michal Karpac

Don't Break My Heart (English Version feat. Lana)

Rap 1:
I can't sleep all the night
You've been the first girl in my life
Where is no love, there is no cry
The best doctor is the time
But I cannot stand the pain in my soul
I can't say it better, I'm not Romeo
All I know is I love you so
Baby please, please don't go!

Don't break my heart
Don't break it apart
Don't crush my soul, my baby blue
Oh baby.

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Don't break my heart
In this endless dark
Don't let me go, I cry for you
Oh baby.

Rap 2:
The night's gone, I couldn't sleep
All nights I dream of you, baby
Dream of you a dream of love
And one night is not enough
I promise you, I won't let you go
Cause you're my heart and my soul
I need your love, don't tear us apart
Baby please, don't break my heart.