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Jordaan Mason


Jordaan Mason

Of Hospitals

look:i ate all the books in your bedroom
and they took my blood and tested it in small doses
as in:over time, they pulled it out

see:they took me from the savagery
and the surgery of my own body
we break in threes, i swallow these: ______
i sing my own gallimaufry
and when sister says call the police:
that wiseacre ain't gettin' me!
she said they held me down until release
and i scratched my head into the streets
there's fragments now (all in me)
of hospitals (all in me)

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but they can keep my blood
for as long as they damn well need it
they can break into my house at night
and listen to my secrets
i've been through the fire
yes, i've seen it

so what are we waiting for?
we've wolves, we're willing to waste

and we slice each other into steaks - yes, oh yes
and we slice each other into steaks - don't we, yes