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I'm afraid to ask for solutions
Because I have to admit that I have none
Living in this mind of pollution
Hoping this soul dries up in the sun
And the pride I adopted
The high road seems like it's time to collapse
Living in this lie of conviction
Because I want to find some purpose

When you finally see pain in someone's eyes
It's so easy to love them
Cause you think they have less than you
That's all I wanted to see
Love came from my mind to your heart is all I want this to be
You fell in love with the mask I wore
I swore I couldn't carry myself anymore
Every cliche ends with an apology

I saw a bright future, you saw right through me
Sometimes love is finding deep truth for a new tomorrow
Sometimes love can just completely be fueling an ego
We forfeit and rattle the truth we seem to borrow
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Convert what we think into only the things that we know
I want to participate in a love that's real
I want to put purpose to this spirit of desire
Cross out the past attempts to manipulate what you feel
And find the social sanctions fall off the wire
We're all terminal stages of diseases we create in our heads
When we're the victims of mistakes shaped to the dead
Come to terms with the past that made me understand
You'd never settle for acceptance

Just give me the truth
Give me the truth

Give me the truth
I can't manipulate myself
I can't bring myself down
I can't give up on my hope
That you gave me
Give me the truth