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Hank Williams, Jr.


Hank Williams, Jr.

Buck Naked

I got a rock in my shoe, my jeans are cuttin' me in two,
my underwear's too tight, my clothes don't ever fit right.
my collar's so tight it's poppin' my veins,
we walk around in constant pain.
when i get home from work, i usually start with my shirt,
i leave a trail behind, when i undress i unwind.
i like to let it all hang out,
hey don't you know what i'm talkin' about,
it feels so good to get buck naked, that ain't no sin,
buck naked wearin' my skinny skin skin.
buck naked in my birthday suit,
buck naked and i don't give a hoot,
buck naked like a centerfold,
buck naked is the way to go.
i joined a nudist colony, they make me green with envy,

they spend no money on clothes, they got their own dress code,
they walk around au natural, no more expensive dry cleaning bills,
they just like to get, buck naked, swimmin' on the beach,
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buck naked they're so squeaky clean,
buck naked in their birthday suits,
buck naked now ain't they cute,
buck naked there's a sunworshipper said,
buck naked what you see's what you get.
my girl said you don't know how it feels,
to walk around in panty hose and high heels,
you oughta try to wear a bra all day,
you don't know the price a girl's gotta pay.
we wear our clothes so tight we
can't move, she said you don't know what a woman goes through,
it feels so good to get buck naked like Adam & Eve.
buck naked like the monkeys in the trees,
buck naked like Tarzan and Jane,
buck naked no more high fashion pain.
buck naked like a centerfold,
buck naked is the way to go.