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Ginger Wildheart


Ginger Wildheart

The Pendine Incident

One conversation I'll always remember
Was place where the weather had forced me to stay
A man with my accent and a face full of stories
Had caused me to look his way
A few drinks of whiskey had bought me his stories
I looked in his eyes as he looked back in mine
I'm off in the morning to the north east of England
To leave for the final time

But before I go

Put your faith in the one who tries
Don't gossip and don't tell lies
When in doubt buy a larger size
Listen to what I'm saying

Never trust a judgemental mind
Listen to those you are younger than
Be good just because you can
Listen to what I'm saying

So I've listened

He got my attention of that there's no question
So I got the drinks in and he carried on
He told me of an angel he fell for in Brooklyn
September 2001 and around that time
Tests said condition is now in remission
All said it wasn't the greatest of years
Eleven years later the word on the paper
Just made his decision clear

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Make up after every fight
Always kiss you girl goodnight
Don't buy underwear too tight
Listen to what I'm saying

Shower even if there ain't no stink
Stop caring what people think
Always buy the first round of drinks
Listen to what I'm saying

He made plans that he'd go and leave incognito
In a manner that she'd know he'd meet someone new
If she don't find someone and learn how to move on
His death would take her life too, her life too

That night I slept restless my heart in a screw press
Till next day at breakfast I saw him again
He was pawning his stories for bacon and coffee
And he smiled as he caught my name
He said I hope you were listen to what I was saying

Learn how to shut your trap
Till you've got a good answer back
Admire in others what you lack
Listen to what I'm saying

When I doubt do something kind
Be prepared to change your mind
Always leave the past behind
Listen to what I'm saying.