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Fractal Reality


Fractal Reality


Pharaohs of Death, unveil your power on me.
Merciless I'll reign, with Ra beside me.

The stars mark my path, leading legacy awaits me.
My immortal queen ablaze me, I'm Akhenaten.

I'll set my revolution, tired of your deities with no direction,
priests obey now the Aten, as the only alliance.

Shape Aten from its ground to behold its majesty compile.
Akhenaten the new acropolis has risen, I'm Akhenaten.

“Disbanded the priesthoods of all the other gods...
and diverted the income from these cults to support the Aten”.
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(the curse)
… 7 times and 7 times, on the stomach and on the back.
I am indeed guarding the place of the king, my lord, the Sun of the sky.

All I have done seems to be dishonored by my own,
brutally taken, Aten is falling, deteriorating.

Where our allies died and our honored fall,
raise my tomb high as Ra, I'm Akhenaten,
The Living Spirit of Aten.