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Witt Lowry


Witt Lowry

Cyborg Casserole

Yo, it' s DMG
What the fuck you doing
She said you're cuming in my hair
I told em sorry bitch, I aim high
Witty on a beat i been a beast since i was age 5
If yall ain't heard of me, I been floating under your radar
While yall been getting high im skywalking like darth vadar
See nothing is been catered, fuck you im duley noted
Rapper and a scholar motherfuckers can't question the focus
You talk shit behind my back dont think i dont notice
Im high class bang you girl in the back of a focus
And now she asking for my dick thats a free load
And now you just an x-man roll like Magneto
Coming in with a BAM like fuck Don Vito
He been fucking all night i need my cock back reload
This girl be like mark umm your raps make me nauseous
Im sorry mark's dead and he's the one with the conscience
I killed him last night with a pillow and a lock pick
I dont talk shit motherfucker i talk toxic
My brain is a moshpit
They yelling witty's lost it
Im fly as a rocket you fly as an ostrich
You asking for beef i got these wraps made of sausage
You wanna battle me well motherfucka that's nonsense
Rap game phenomenon comin for the top and i ain't even got a condom on
'S' on my chest like im straight out of comic con
Girl stop talkin got some meat for you to slobber on
I took a trip to hell just so I could battle demons
Met a girl I can all a great white, she always swallows seamen
Took a minute to evolve and now I got the fans feedin
Need a girl with a rack in the back of a four season
Im a crazy white 2 chainz you can call me 2 knives
Nerdy lil wayne with the presence of a new guy
If you dont see my greatness you ain't looking through your two eyes
They told me I had competition, look around... do I?
Who do I, who be your girls favorite MC?
Back when we were in highschool and you were bullying me
Now you the local bar hero and it's funny to see
I drop kick you in the face and break your back with a knee
And this song is just foreplay
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You hear marks a rapper now, haters yelling no way
Im sorry fake friends but I won't miss you like a snow day
If you coming after me, I'll leave your ass in the back [?]
Olay keep the bull comin
I got a couple fans now, thats gotta count for somethin
These fake rappers buyin fans should only have a dozen
Doint it for the girls lyin sayin that they buzz honey
They told me I was never good enough
Skinny white boy from the berbs wasn't hood enough
I couldn't make a team because my body wasn't big and buff
I never got the grades because I never really gave a fuck
Oh ill never be shit, well fuck you for doubtin me
They call me a loser while I rock the name proudly
Now every accolade that I recieve I make a tally
At a party with some liquor and the girls are yelling drown me
Witty's still the meanest, still a motherfucking genius
Gave your girl a big bang, i think I made her cum Venus
Im a samurai boy slaying bitches with my penis
Last pharaoh on the beat I got the people saying lead us
Feed us, feed us, i started this shit back in my high-top adidas
Ive come a long way since it's witty, nice to meat ya
I feast on the beat but they still try to lease ya, they can't beat ya
I may not have a million views but you ain't got one
Take a seat for a second, put your thinking cap on
And realize through your eyes you a low life bum
This track is almost done and all I did was talk dumbshit
At least Im having fun and telling off a bunch of dumb pricks
Never was a cool kid, Im something that they wasn't
Wasn't, wasn't, wasn't
Yeah creative musically inative barfin on the beat
I puked it out and then I ate it
I told them I was never fucking stoping til I made it
Man you similar to piss because to me you really ain't shit
Who am I? Who you asking hoe
Im in an arcade jacking off, playing wack-a-mole
These frat rap wack rap rappers man, they gotta go
Me against you robot to cyborg casserole