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Posthumous Passion Ephemera

Whose is the
shade I'm seeing?
Disappear forever
Whoe'er you
Are, past dart
To my chest
Stay where you are…

We are all enshrouded

Here's the first and only secret –
There are no secrets at all
Everything you want to hide, will be
Covered with the darkest pall

Do not you hear
their dead hearts beat?
Do not you know
on what they feed?

As you've said my name
I am arising
from the infinite
with meteor trail-like scars;
A sore evidence of how
you betrayed me

We are all enshrouded

No spell can bring me back to life
I dwell where light cannot touch me
But if you think of me, I am here
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Closer than you can imagine

Come let me out
I'll ungyve your soul
Tear off their veils
and make them all fall

Filled is my mouth with grief
I spit on you
I loved you,
but now I can't bear it no more
and can't promise
that you will be safe, my dear

Stringimi tra le tue braccia,
giacché sono un'ombra e
presto sparirò con esse

We were all enshrouded

Never let them mist your consciousness
With idle phantoms they designed
Only in the smoke of their pyre
You'll be a master of your mind

Show them no fear
But bid them to kneel
Before the last
Posthumous ordeal