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Black Tongue


Black Tongue

In The Wake Ov The Wolf

Let the wolf - Herald of fire, voice of ruin - run rampant, through the heavens.

His fangs carve a bloody swathe; red stains the maiden's gown.
Blood and the snow.
Her bonds tighten, her cancer stands to attention.
Blood and the snow.
Cough black tar into the dust.
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The devouring son is risen.
Pray the earth is swallowed by the sun.
An infinite night.

This cold is all consuming, I dread these shadows looming.
The sun is setting with the lights burning low.
Horned crowns and cloven hooves; the unthinking callow youth; these demons walk with a sickness in two.

I feel it growing [2x]

Walking the earth; creatures of deception, loathsome since birth.
Blood. Snow. Herald of fire. Voice of ruin.


Horned crowns and cloven hooves
The unthinking callow youth