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Ann Peebles


Ann Peebles

I've Been There Before

Did you ever have to sit there
Watch them holdin' hands
Everybody around you knows
He's supposed to be your man
He tried to explain last night
She was still his man
All night long you tried to understand
Don't it make you want to get you get up get up and walk away
Say things you never would say

How do I know
I've been there before
I've been there before

Did you ever have to stand there
On the outside lookin' in
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You know the man you love
Belongs to your best friend
Try to blow it out of your mind
You know your wastin' your time
You know somebody's gotta loose
Will you be the one to win
Don't it make you wanna get up
And walk away
Say things you never thought you would say

I've been there before

Standing in the middle
Of a three way light


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