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Big Engine


Big Engine

Just Another Night

-T. Mikus, R. Williams - Big Engine Music
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Miles and miles of highway
Run under these wheels
Its late at night but thats alright
Because I'm wide awake with time to kill
We're stars in bars with loud guitars
And I've sang more words than I've spoke
With bangin' drums and electrical hums
And everything smelling like smoke

Some nights are better than others
And some make you wonder why
You write these songs but still sing covers
And make just enough to get by

Its just another night down the highway
Its just another chance to sing my song
Its just another night, another crazy night
Down this road I'm on

Truck stops and hotels
Stories told over and over again
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Of breakdowns and one horse towns
And whatever happened to long lost friends
There's good and bad in the times that we've had
Surprising how much you can take
Its always somebody's trashed, somebody's short on cash
And everybody's needing a break

Some nights are better than others
And some make you feel so alone
Laugh like friends and fight like brothers
Counting the days till your home

Phone calls from old friends
Who chose a different path
One of these days and remember whens
Are always good for a laugh

These wheels are always in motion
Head from New York to L.A.
From the black hills tour home by the ocean
And any other place we can play