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B.B. King


B.B. King

The Beginning of the End

作詞:Will Jennings, B B King

When I first met you we burned like a flame
Now it's gettin' colder and you know that's a shame
Love's out there somewhere but it won't come in
So let's just remember baby how sweet all of this has been

But when two real good lovers start bein' real good friends
Can't you see that's the beginning of the end

I make you sparkle like strawberry wine
And when I felt bad you make me feel fine
Oh it's good when it's goin' and gone when it's gone
We both know enough to leave well enough alone
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When two real good lovers start bein' real good friends
Baby can't you see that's the beginning of the end

The cool of the morning the heat of the night
The loving was good but you know it just wasn't right
Someday when you wake up and you call out my name
Don't feel bad about it I'll probably do the same

But when two real good lovers start bein' real good friends
Baby don't you know that's the beginning, beginning of the end


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