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B.B. King


B.B. King

Catfish Blues

作詞:Joe Bihari, Riley B King

Well, I wish I was a catfish
Swimmin' in the deep blue sea
I'd have all you women
Fishin' after me
Fishin' after me
Fishin' after me

Well, I'm broke and I'm hungry
Ragged and I'm dirty too
Well, if I clean up, baby, can I
Stay home with you
Stay home with you
Stay home with you

If I can't, can't come in
Let me sit down front of your door
I'll leave so early, your
Mom won't know
Won't never know
Won't never know

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Oh, I know, know my baby
Well, she's going to jump and shout
When my train pulls in and I
I come walkin' out
Come walkin' out
Come walkin' out

Yes, I'm goin', babe, I'm goin'
And your crying won't make me stay
Oh, the more that you cry, baby
More I'll go away
More I'll go away
More I'll go away

Well, now I know, I know you don't want me
Why in the world won't you tell me so?
Then I won't be caught, baby, 'round
Your house no more
Your house no more
Your house no more


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