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Corrupted in Thought (Ill-Deserving)

Possessed by the voices in my head
that Crept through my heart full of envy
I am your perfect son I am the righteous one
No one can prove me wrong,
My opinions held higher than the throats of the ones i slit
to bring forth the schemes
in the darkest depths of my heart.
I've done it all,
I've done it all
My works for the world to see
Who are you,
Who are you to correct me.
Oh Son of man I'll tear your kingdom down
As long as my empire stands
Corrupted from birth
By sin and society
With A heart of stone I lash out
Corrupted I have blood on my hands
We have blood on our hands
Death is Gods Justice
I have done nothing but spit in the face of Christ
Full of pride with the stench of filth,
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on my breath Ill-deserving,
Forgiven from my sin with Blood shed my slate
you cleaned Irresistible,
your grace delivered me
And broke my heart of stone
This heart of stone that was giving to me
by this world i once called home.
So I deserve the justice for my sinful ways.
But as for me I will take it with a grain of salt,
Cause i cant see the means to that end,
so ill use His grace to justify the way Ive been acting.
Ive been wondering in and out of consciousness,
Ive been searching for you with a bottle in my hand.
these words of uplifting just come so easy to me,
But the actions i take not even I understand
I am the very state of corrupted in thought,
I am the one who lead you all to believe
and than got caught.
God is there any point to know if you are still there,
It shames me to know that through the past 6 months you actually care.