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Citizen Fish

Break Into A Run/Rainbows

[Break Into A Run]
Why life appears to be a series of ups and downs? I'll never know
And I've a feeling that if I find out then everything will turn to stone
The lifeless boring routine block of all things neither good nor bad
To break that rock and destabilise is risky but I'll take that chance
I'll take that chance, I'll take it

Just to know that every up and down must balance out somehow
And there's a smile to end a conversation that was full of frowns
And here's a major chord to lift the minors up and dance around
And if the song seems far to long then tune in to another sound
Another sound, like this one

Of course the opposite is true the rain must sometimes hide the sun
And you can't escape the feeling that there's more to life than having fun
But it's better to go crazy and just break into a run
Than to grow old always being told how everything should be done

So take the path of most resistance and feel good when you arrive
The other one is straight downhill and never asks you 'why?'
Experience the reap and sow, feel the strengths of high and low
Who can dictate how far to go? There are no limits set. But let's go!
Oh let's go! Let's go!

The last time was forgotten in remembrance of the first
We carried on in ignorance not knowing it was worse
And all the sinking standards were related to the past
So when the end came up again we really had a blast!

We counting on his memory
And not counting too fast
Cos everything's still happening
So I guess it's gonna last!
It's gonna last!
It's gonna last!

It's easier to minimalise the present point of view
Cos memories desensitise the bad things we go through
But when all that was happening we remembered just the same
So presently we come to see that for rainbows you need rain