The Dream 歌詞 Chief Kamachi ※
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Chief Kamachi


Chief Kamachi

The Dream

Yeah, come one, summer dreams
Complete life dreams, don't think that
Yeah come on
We all dream, summers by,
I was born in eighty five, early ninety survival
But how know the drum of a music will make me wiser
I was listen in the king song on wazy
Lil black boy's getting strap to a ave
Thou they hit a big will
Plug and pack so hazy,
Mama's screaming why me, down town for an id
Broke church go and hope, the angels let 'em fly free
Try to sell dinners cuz the funeral is five G
I grow up around the dope face torching
All pasted matrices making love to the serpans
The only think that certain it's dreams are the first
Ain't no high with that Heaven left that dreams on the curve
We ride on the all hoopie to the hell shop
Lil …spirit ...a hundred hands spot
Bulletproof orders cuz our soul getting shell shot
Motherfuck the Government they wanna see us feel up
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And touring the G rock come on

At night I can't sleep, I toast and turn
Picture me dress as aa profit they should get burn
Sprinkle ashes in the earn, sciences acting fun
Some of lane it should be king and I'm waiting to get my time
From the streets to my mama, posses all kind of gifts
Meditative, souls definite
No account stuck and closing
Knew I was the chosen
Life is stuck made it at home, energy was frozen
From the soil, spiritual oil shut up the corrosive
crap this seven hills, two pinching are posing
success is in the future, I clearly see the image
it's true that many players never cross the line in scrimmage
sit on the banch and they wander if the game fists
You know we playing hot like in hell, using the same sticks
Some people left all alone, then it's when their brain switch
They turning to monsters and do the same shits