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Changed in a Moment

I'd taken the wrong road
Weighed down by my own heavy load
I had to make a change, had to lay it down
Now I'm sitting in a church pew
The Word stirs my soul in ways I never knew
Got an invitation
What does it all mean? (Oh)

It flowed like river right to me
A mighty wind blowing right through me
Baptized like the Day of Pentecost
From dark to light, blind to sight

In a moment my load was taken
The wonder of it left me shaken
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There's a blood stained page in the book of my life
I was changed in a moment

Now I'm staring at the altar
I hear a voice sweetly calling to me
Saying, 'All you seek is just a few short steps away'
It didn't take long to break my pride

I jumped up and hit my stride
Down on my knees, tears on my praying hands
The angels shouted, 'Amen' (Oh)