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To Be

Today I saw it was more I could take
Made my mind out of line
How can I breath if this world's full of pain
leaving me no other choice

Like a wind, like a rain, like a storm
I will gain
Answers that held my mind
Gimme day, Gimme week
And I tell what I need
More days to live

Too many times we think we sense the danger
though we can't even see ourselves

We're talking 'bout the future
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We're worrying 'bout the future in our lives
We're waiting for tomorrow to come
We're talking 'bout the future

And the sound in my head keeps telling me
what is the truth and what is not
How can I know for sure
If we think we are clever enough
To find our mindless reign
I can't stand no more

Time after you feel that you don't believe why it is here
To be just for you
Yeah, I knew before