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Dottie West


Dottie West


作詞:Ruby Allmond

Along the wild Texas border, was no law and order
When Reno brought me to this land
He was after the wild ones, the mustangs, the shy ones
And hoping that I'd understand

But there's too many long nights, a wife should have some rights
It seems that it's so plain to see
Reno my husband, oh, he loves the wild ones
Much more than he'll ever love me

He's riding somewhere out there with his raven black hair
And a heart that is loving and wild
He's too much afire with ambitious desire
To be tied to a wife and a child

The horses are cunning, they soon will be running
And Reno will always be gone
These things I'm knowing, the Rio is flowing
And Reno, I'm goin' back home

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'Cross the Mexican border, my house all in order
I wait for a knock on my door
Little Juan, the small one, the son of the tall one
So peacefully plays on the floor

But what are these yearnings that always keep burning?
I feel so deeply inside
My love for Reno, my flashing young gringo
Has suddenly vanquished my pride

He's riding somewhere out there with his raven black hair
And a heart that is loving and wild
He's so much afire and with too much desire
To be alone without a wife and a child

The horses are cunning, they soon will be running
And Reno will quickly be gone
There's no more waiting, no more hesitating
Oh, Reno, I'm coming back home
Wait Reno, I'm coming back home


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