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Local Boy Chops Wood

作詞:Donovan Leitch

He got weights on his shoulders
He got chains round his neck
'Fore he get very much older
He be a nervous wreck

Local boy chops wood, headlines read
Local boy makes good, watch him bleed
Local boy chops wood, what went wrong?
Local boy make good, wasn't too strong?

Plenty hangers on
To keep him happy and high
But deep down inside him
You can hear him cry

Local boy chops wood, headlines read
Local boy makes good, watch him bleed
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Local boy chops wood, what went wrong?
Local boy chops wood, wasn't too strong?

One riff of his guitar
He gonna change the whole scene
He's a rebel romantic
With a death wish dream

He keep ice in his young veins
To cool the fires in his head
Takes more than double, double brandy
To dry the tears he shed

Rock star found dead, headlines read
Rock star found dead, pictures need
Rock star found dead, what went wrong?
Rock star found dead, wasn't too strong?


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