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ACCESS:D Part 4 (If We'd Ask)

If we'd ask, You would come
Send your reign on everyone
If we'd ask, You would come
Send your reign on everyone

If we'd ask, You would come
Send your reign on everyone
If we'd ask, You would come
Send your reign on everyone
On everyone
On everyone


1.With You
2.The Mezzanine Floor
5.Beautiful Sun
7.See The Star
9.It's OK
10.Love Falls Down
12.Kiss Your Feet
14.A Little Love
15.Come Like You Promised
16.Jesus' Blood
17.What Would I Have Done?
18.God You Are My God
19.August 30th
20.Deeper (radio edit)
21.All This Time
22.Prophet Song
23.You Split The Earth
24.Pride (In The Name Of Love)
25.I've Searched For Gold
26.Miracle Maker
27.Everyone Knows
28.Mezzanine Floor
29.Access:D Part 2 (Blindfold)
31.What Is This Thing Called Love?
32.Coming Back
33.When All Around Has Fallen
34.Singers Song
35.Hang On To You
36.All I Want Is You
37.Angel In Disguise
38.King Or Cripple
39.Awaken The Dawn
40.Lord You Have My Heart (New Version)
41.Message Of The Cross
42.The Years Go By
43.Revival Town
44.Thank You For Saving Me
45.King Of Love
47.Lord, You Have My Heart - Cutting Edge Album Version
48.Love Is The Compass
49.Show Me Heaven
50.God In Heaven (Live)
51.Louder Than The Radio
52.Access:D Part 1 (Touch)
53.Our God Reigns (Forever His Truth Shall Reign)
54.Take Off My Shoes
55.I'll See You
56.Mountains High
57.I Could Sing of Your Love Forever - Cutting Edge Album Version
58.God in Heaven
59.I Was Blind
60.I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever (New Version)
61.Fires Burn
62.Now Is the Time
63.Revival Town (Remix)
65.Stealing Time
66.The Happy Song
67.Intimate Stranger
68.Not Forgotten (New Song)
69.Come, Like You Promise
70.Moutains High
71.En El Río Me Encuentras
72.Deeper 99
73.Love Is A Miracle
74.Shaken Up
75.The Crucible For Silver
76.Dios de Amor
77.El Mensaje De La Cruz
78.Griten Al Norte
79.Preparen El Camino
80.Tuyo Es Mi Corazón
81.I Want To Know You More
82.I Will Offer Up My Life
83.Open The Eyes Of My Heart
84.Our God Reigns (Forever His Truth Shall Remain)
85.Glo In the Dark, Pt. 1
86.ACCESS:D Part 4 (If We'd Ask) (修改)
87.The Message of the Cross
88.I'm Not Ashamed of the Gospel
89.Inside Outside (Audiostar) [Radio Mix]

You Are My Sunshin The Only Property It Was You Where Areyo S Top It Down In Flame Need To Love Never Silly Silly Silly Are You Ready For Smile Moment In Time About Me If This Was A Movie My Memory Lane America Pie Let's The Go But I Never Thing To Me Kiss You Slow Santa You Are The One Serendipity Say Hey Ho Ok Ok I'm Ok Oh