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Daryl Coley


Daryl Coley

Oh, the Lamb

Oh the lamb
Oh the slain lamb he is the great I am
He's the great I am, OH THE LAMB

Oh the lamb, oh the slain lamb
He's the great I am, He's the great I am
Oh, OH The Lamb

The lamb of God was slain from the foundation of the world
Redeeming every man, boy and, girl freeing our soul from the enemy
(Freeing us from the hand of the enemy)
Paying in full my dept to sin
His promise brought through the light for me to begin
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Forever I'll praise him, OH fro what he's done for me
MAGNIFY, make him greater than your situation, make him greater than your circumstance
Magnify, OH Glorify him
Take just one moment and glorify the lord
Praise unto the lamb

Come on, Come on and give him praise
HALELUYAH, Worship, bow down, BOW DOWN
HE WORTHY, he's worthy, he's worthy, he's worthy, he's worthy!