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Danny Vola


Danny Vola

Sushi Bar

The first time, I saw my bitty pretty miss
She was in the corner drinking liquor out of licorice
Rolled up a quick swish out back
Said baby let me take you to the book cadillac
In fact, we returned and burned L's and sacs
then incense and candlewax
I played tracks on the guitar,
relaxed and sang songs and spit raps
and then we went to a sushi bar

She pattered on my heart for a bit, I digress
Scattered on my bedroom floor them high heals
that tight dress, skin toned double pump she impressed
a vision I could never let it go, and even though I
felt the flame, the fire had grown, when I woke up I was all alone
I should have known it was only a game,
but what a god damn shame,
I never got the number to her phone

She whispered slow in my ear
Take me home
I don't think I could change my ways
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after one night, we went our ways

The next was no better, big boots black leather
Lawn seats, the beats bang the blue weather
And normally I don't get caught up with accessories
she had me with that hair feather
and for better or worse, we start to converse
I take a pull out of a bottle she had snuck in her purse
and now its on, the band plays her favorite song,
she was singing along off key
it must be the sweet sounds of that simple melody
how lucky could a fella be
cause during the encore she's telling me I should go home with her
how could I reconsider?
the night was littered with the worst intentions
things I can't mention
sometimes its hard to break the tension too
we didn't get to sleep till two past ten
I never caught another glimpse of you