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Future Of The Left


Future Of The Left

Robocop 4 (Fuck Off Robocop)

(I think everybody has fantasised what they would ask Elvis if he was still alive. I know what I would ask him:
'What's your favourite film?')

Jaws? Jaws 2? More Jaws? or Jaws rebooted?
Please, let's take a second to think about a future state of love and bliss
Brought to you by wish lists of eight year old boys who only crave explosions
Well, being eight, they have an excuse - they'rre eight!
and giant robots cannot distract them from their fate

Middle aged men on a movie date, committed to mortal shame

Hey! Relax! No-one died - in fact, they left improved!
If Michael Bay wants a bigger house, let's help him
Art? ha!
Where you from?
Where you been?
He said:
I went to Cannes once and and really did not have much fun
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Well, being French, they talk too much
and all those pages of subtitles kept getting stuck

1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3
1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 3

Pirates of the Caribbean 47
Johnny Depp stars as the robot pirate who loses his wife in a game of poker
and tries to win her back with hilarious consequences
At least Harry Potter has a proper story in the sense that the characters crave an ending
If only to release poor Billy Corgan from his role as the titular character's nemesis
Robocop 4 is in pre-production, like Robocop 3 wasn't bad enough
and George Lucas won't be kicking his heels 'til he makes some money from Howard the Duck
Robocop 4 is in pre-production, like Robocop 3 wasn't bad enough
I hope the projectionist likes his action motion-tracked and medicated

(the first director died)