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Frozen Mist


Frozen Mist

A Mystical Vision

Awakened by your haunting vision
A true sight of heavenly bliss...
Enraptured in your medusa arms
Into beautiful shades of misery.
Trapped in beauty, there's no escape
Witnessed by your mystical eyes.

Your eyes so perfect and so lush
Never shed a tear, never show no fear...
A fantasy withdrawn from opaque visions
My twisted emotions driven into your beauty.
A burning solstice like ice on fire
This frozen equinox reveals my true desires.

Thru stained glass and shattered ash showered by your falling rain.
A forlorn instinct to be recognized eaten away by the resonating pain.
LISTEN, I caress your skin 'so tight...'
Devour your flesh 'and embrace your soul...'

Drowned in a bitter serenade challenged by hopes and fears.
Icons of ravenous beauty, an avatar of sweet lustful tears.
WATCH, as I swallow your eyes 'those precious eyes...'
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You make me weary 'As I make you weak...'


A burden displaced to bring me peace
Thru dreary eyes, I witness your presence.
Surfaced upon the altar of dreams
As clouds of grey collide into serenity!!


Unpeel your eyes, this majestic crystal ball is a sight unseen by others.
But as for you and I, only the two of us shall see the light of the underworld.
Encased in different waves roaring thru the mystics of time.

Feel me burn, obliterate inside of you
A passionate kiss from this frozen mist.
Taste the hearts eversoft comforting breeze
Hovered from centuries of hellish winds.