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Connie Francis


Connie Francis

Danny Boy (Remastered)

Oh Danny Boy the pipes the pipes are calling
From glen to glen and down the mountain side
The summer's gone and all the roses falling
It's you it's you must go and I must bide
But come ye back when summer's in the meadow
Or when the valleys hushed and white with snow
Yes I'll be here in sunshine or in shadows
Oh Danny Boy oh Danny Boy I love you so
Yes come ye back when summer's in the meadow...


Connie Francis
Miss Connie (Gold Collection)
1.Someone Else's Boy (Remastered)
2.Red River Valley (Remastered)
3.Silhouettes (Remastered)
4.The Gypsy (Remastered)
5.I Almost Lost My Mind (Remastered)
6.Together (Remastered)
7.Tammy (Remastered)(提供)
8.When the Boy in Your Arms (Is the Boy in Your Heart) [Remastered]
9.Tweedle Dee (Remastered)
10.Try a Little Tenderness (Remastered)
11.Blame It On My Youth (Remastered)
12.All By Myself (Remastered)
13.Do You Love Me Like You Kiss Me? (Remastered)
14.On Top of Old Smokey (Remastered)
15.How Can You Buy Killarney? (Remastered)
16.You Always Hurt the One You Love (Remastered)
17.The First Noel (Remastered)
18.O Little Town of Bethlehem (Remastered)
19.Lipstick On Your Collar (Remastered)
20.White Christmas (Remastered)
21.The Lord's Prayer (Remastered)
22.The Twelve Days of Christmas (Remastered)
23.I'll Be Home for Christmas (Remastered)
24.Danny Boy (Remastered) (修改)
25.Dear Old Donegal (Remastered)
26.Anema E Core (Remastered)
27.My Wild Irish Rose (Remastered)
28.A Tree in the Meadow (Remastered)
29.A Garden in the Rain (Remastered)
30.Heartaches (Remastered)
31.I Miss You So (Remastered)
32.Now Is the Hour (Remastered)
33.I Hear You Knocking (Remastered)
34.Let Me Go, Lover (Remastered)
35.Half As Much (Remastered)
36.Hearts of Stone (Remastered)
37.My Special Angel (Remastered)
38.Singing the Blues (Remastered)
39.High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darlin') [Remastered]
40.If I Had You (Remastered)
41.Time After Time (Remastered)
42.I'm Beginning to See the Light (Remastered)
43.There Will Never Be Another You (Remastered)
44.Don't Break the Heart That Loves (Remastered)
45.Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart (Remastered)
46.Anytime (Remastered)
47.Cold, Cold Heart (Remastered)
48.Come Rain or Come Shine (Remastered)
49.Kiss 'n' Twist (Tarantella) [Remastered]
50.The Bells of St Mary's (Remastered)
51.My Thanks to You (Remastered)
52.Melancholy Serenade (Remastered)
53.That's All (Remastered)
54.Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me (Remastered)
55.The Song Is Ended (Remastered)
56.Silent Night! Holy Night (Remastered)

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