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Dungeon Bastards

After scaling the Wall of Death, Ghoul descends into the sewers of Creepsylvania, sneaking their way towards Svatoplunk Square and the bomb... but shifty eyes espy their descent.

Exiled... condemned to the sewers
Troglodytes in a realm of manure
Eerie decrees from a mummified head
You will grovel for your daily bread

Merciful Kreeg, you are noble and wise
Command us O Lord, as we lower our eyes
You are the chosen, you are the few
And this is what you're gonna do...

Go forth and kill
Secure our domain from the infidels
Go forth and die
Take your place in the clubhouse of paradise
Go forth and kill
Try to remember to make out a will
Go forth and die
And don't ask why!

Agents of chaos reduced to slaves
Broken wills and degenerate knaves
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For a mummified prick, they want to cause our demise
But we're gonna cut 'em down to size

Ropes are slipped, esophagus ripped
Spraying blood into quivering lips
Burying hatchets into sunken in chests
As we urinate on denim vests

Bastards! Dungeon bastards
Bastards! Dungeon bastards

Heads roll as the tables turn
They didn't know fear, but now they're gonna learn
Penitence from the slobbering masses
Taking names, then stomping asses

Kreeg's head is smashed to bits
A cacophonous wailing from the ignorant twits
You will follow and we will lead
'cause we're fucking Ghoul, and we will make you bleed