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I Am War


I Am War

My Love Affair with Disaster

No longer a zombie, I sat up and walked. Walked out the door.
Freed myself from burdens, I jumped up and ran. Ran out the door.

I can't live that way anymore, depressed by what I love.
I can't live that way anymore, loving what makes me depressed.
A never ending disaster, a love affair with evil symphony.

My passion is mine. Where I walk it walks with me.
My passion is mine. Always burning in me, you can't fade me out.

Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull me down.
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Back underneath, back underneath.
Back under deep, dark ground again.
Pull me down, so I can't see.
So I can't think, so I can't be myself again.

I'll get out, I'll find relief.
So I so you, so we can fuck me up again.
No one's fault. Incomplete.
Not denial. I just see. What's in front of me?