Sapphire 歌詞 Judicator ※
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Lost in this haze, I swim in the mist for days at a time
You come to a point where one must act on his words
A broken resolve, a path carved into the mountain's heart
One last escape, the only light in this darkness

Into the unknown, my spirit has flown
It's time now to follow
The wraith of my dreams tears apart at the seams
With the sight of my captor

No escape
In the sapphire starlight
It's my trial of fears
Come with me to the shadows
As hell appears

And so I'm discovered, my father's rage inflamed and provoked
They call me a traitor
It's not betrayal to run from your pain, but certainly shameful
And so I sit and await my trial
They've taken my friends away, extinguished their chances of happy lives

I'm dead on my feet; they sit in their seats and pierce me with dead eyes
They question my pride, they threaten my life
My future is uncertain

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Austria's plans will soon come to light
A happenstance benefit now that is ripe
You've offered your future as king of this realm
Reverse what you plea as the moon turns to stone

-Where are you taking him? Leave him alone
Dear Friedrich, I must say goodbye
It's time for my star now to fade in the night
Be strong and don't break your own will
-A brave man who kneels there with tears in his eyes
The sword in the sun wants to fall
My head to the bars so I can't look away
By god I will make you all pay!

No escape
In the sapphire sunbeams
Piercing through to my cell
Come with me to the shadows
As hell appears

I am swimming in anger
I will make them all burn
Not for this flash in the pan, but the whole damn situation